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Who loves drugstore makeup?! I do 💁🏻

Today I posted my 2nd video on YouTube! It’s actually a full face with only drugstore products 😊 . The makeup brand was mainly Wet N Wild except two products, which were also drugstore. But wow, I am impressed with wet n wild, the quality of the makeup is good. If you haven’t tried the lipsticks yet, I highly recommend !!! Also, the foundation. The only TWO I don’t recommend are the brow pencils and the eye primer. The eyebrow pencil felt like I was drawing my brows with an eyeliner pencil 😩 I liked the fact it had a spoolie at the end, but then again for the price… BUT, I would not purchase again. The eye primer is a big no no, it felt smooth putting it on, but the application for eyeshadow was not smooth. When I was blending the colors the brush was not smooth.. it was patchy. Also, when the primer was dry my eyelid felt sticky! 

But overall, I recommend the rest of the wet n wild products that I applied on my face. ✨

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Mini drugstore haul


I feel like I haven’t been consistent in posting and I apologize for that. I’ve just been busy with work, caring for my daughter, and now youtube. If your new to my blog, I did start a youtube channel and my first video posted on Thursday, so check it out and subscribe! Also, after being off Instagram for 1 year… I am now back on Instagram and I’ll leave both those links below.

Okay, back to the subject! Last night I went  to Walmart with my cousin since she needed a new chew toy for her new puppy and decided to stroll through the makeup section. I’ve read great reviews on the Wet n wild foundation and luckily they had my color!! It was the last color there and all the other colors were a shade lighter than I am but most of the foundations were almost gone. I also saw the Mega Cushion color corrector they had 4 different types and I got the one for dark circles since I just haven’t been getting the greatest sleep my under eye circles are not looking great at the moment lol.

Wet n wild foundation photo focus: Omg… this foundation is so light weight!!! I can’t believe this foundation was only about $5.00. It has a flat stick applicator which I’m not a huge fan of, but the shade I got was perfect. It is light-medium coverage and full coverage if you add a second layer. I applied one side with a beauty sponge and the other side of my face with a flat top kabuki brush. I recommend applying with a flat brush it gave me more coverage then the beauty sponge.

Wet n wild Mega Cushion color corrector (peach): This cushion has a little padded applicator and the packaging is very cute. You can easily throw this in your bag when your on the go. I did see some difference when I applied this under my foundation, but I need to try it again. When first applied it was very very bright and I used my fingers to blend it out. I’m going to try my sponge and see how it works and do another review on it.

I know you see more products in my picture besides the two I reviewed above, but I just bought these all the other products today. I went to my local CVS and they stocked up on all the new wet n wild products and I went a little crazy.. ahaha! But, for the price I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to do a review on these products when I try them.

For my next youtube video I’m thinking of doing a full face makeup tutorial on all the wet n wild products mixed with other drugstore brands. So stay tuned ! I will be posting videos once a week on Thursdays. fullsizerender

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Lip stain Review! 

I got these for lip stains as a gift from my Auntie, so I’m not sure how much they sell for at Victoria Secrets but lip stains are beautiful ! 

Their glossy at first then turn into matte. I’m not really into the brighter colors I’m such a plain Jane when it comes to lips and I stick to nudes A LOT ! 

Below is a photo of how the lip stains look like 👇🏼 

•I’m not a huge fan on the third lipstick, it’s the color shine lip shine. It is very sticky when it glides onto my lips and I did not favor the color much. 

Other than that the rest of the 3 are really good ! 
 Hope you all liked this short review on these! 

What matte lipsticks do you like? 



Finally done!

After filming Monday and finally finishing the editing last night! I posted my very first youtube video on my “coral makeup” look!!!

I’m super excited and anxious at the same time, I hope you all come and watch my video and leave any feedback and subscribe to my channel. I can’t wait to share more makeup ideas and just my positive energy with you all.



Update … 

Hello beautiful people ! 

Thank you to my followers so far, you all are the best 😘

So I wanted to make an update about my YouTube channel and why I’m making one. 

My purpose for making a YouTube channel is to share any of my makeup ideas, review products, and just overall have fun on my channel !!! 

It’s very anxious and exciting at the same time, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest but never took up the courage to do so! Just like my blog I started about a month ago. This was something on my ‘bucket list’ for 2017 to achieve and it’s been going so smoothly especially with all the support.

The hardest thing so far is editing my video but I’m making a lot of progress so hopefully by the end of this week my video will be posted. 

If anyone has a goal they want to achieve this year I say do it ! Who cares what other people think about it there will always be someone bashing your dreams, just tell yourself that you are a beautiful person and no one else’s opinions matter except your own !!!

 I hope you all have a wonderful day! 




Laura Geller 👄

It’s review time !

I was never into the whole ‘baking’ trend when it first started but I was always interested in it. Instead of spending so much on the Laura Mercier loose powder everyone has, I was browsing around and because the packaging from Laura Geller is so cute and simple I found the Matte Maker pressed powder. What I do when I use this powder I conceal first then I use my mini blending sponge (it’s really tiny) and I press the powder on my sponge and pat down under my eye area also around my smile lines to set and then I leave the product on and start doing my eye makeup. When finished I take a flat kabuki brush and just wipe off the excess and it gives me a very smooth appearance. I still want to try the translucent loose powder to compare.

Any setting powders you recommend? Comment below 

Next… I really wanted to try the new Shape tape contour concealer from Tarte but my local Sephora and Ulta even online it’s sold out in my colour ! 😩😩😩😩 so since I was in the Laura Geller section I decided to get the real deal concealer, the consistency was smooth when I tried the tester and easy to blend with my fingers. I got the shade medium which is just my colour. It does have good coverage and can be buildable. The downside especially for the price is the quantity, it’s in a very tiny bottle, but a little goes a long way with this product. Another thing is, if you don’t set this concealer with anything it will sink into any type of wrinkles because it did for me under my eye area! 

Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer: Medium

Laura Geller Matte Maker: Translucent

Below you can click to enlarge photos 👇🏼

Hope this review helped 😉



L’Oréal face mask 

A lot of great reviews were posted on this L’Oréal face mask and I wanted to share my experience 😊 I bought mine at CVS for $13.00.

It says to use about three times a week for best results. I’ve used it two times since I’ve gotten it last week. The consistency is pretty thick and it doesn’t have a harsh smell to it. After about 3 minutes of applying the mask it hardens and you leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes! Then since with lukewarm water.  So far, I haven’t noticed huge results from the mask but my face does feel refreshed and soft after I wash it off! Don’t forget to always tone and moisturize afterwards if you do use any mask. 

Has anyone tried this mask yet? If so, how do you like it so far? 😊 



Anastasia Palette ✨

I finally got my hands on this palette ! 

I went on my lunch break to Ulta and I was determined to get this palette 🎨 . I walked in and went to the Anastasia section and there was no more 😩 but then the lovely sales rep said there were two more left in the drawer !!! 

I also had $6 off because my points so I used it towards the product and paid about $38 dollars  and regular price is $42. What a steal 😋

So the colors are very pigmented and easy to blend + it came with a two sided eyeshadow brush. 

I’ve been into coral / peachy colors ! I did quick look here below 👇🏼

I mixed together Tempera and Realgar. They blended so well and it’s very easy.

Hope you guys liked! Let me know if you’d like any color swatches 😊



Nyx review ✨


I was at Target the other day browsing around the makeup aisle and found these Nyx sticks! 

I grabbed two of these right away! I’ve been looking for a bronzer stick and just a sheer colored blush. Below I color swatched both the sticks (on flash btw) and it glides onto the skin so smoothly. I highly recommend especially if your in a rush in the morning like me 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol. They were about $7 each. 

Nyx bright idea: Pearl Pink Lace

Nyx bright idea: Bermuda Bronze 


Ayexbee 💕

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Hello hello everyone !

Today I played around with the makeup revolution eyeshadow palette and did this au natural quick and very very simple look ✨

Foundation: Kat Von D lock it foundation

Concealer: Laura Geller real deal concealer for my under eye area 

Translucent powder: Laura Geller matte maker pressed powder and just dabbed under my eye area to set my under eye area

Brows: Ardell Brow Pencil in dark brown

Lips: Nyx simply nude in SN 02

Bronzer: Makeup revolution contour palette (found in my previous post) 

Mascara: Big and Bigger mascara by Milano 

Eyeshadow: Circled below are the two colors I used and blended together, I used a blending brush  and flat top brush only. The first color is a shimmery cream color and the second color I blended that with was a coral-orange color (really pretty!) 

Eyeliner: Milani eye tech 2 in 1 has the brow and eyeliner 



 I hope you guys liked this ! 

Btw everyone, I will be starting a YouTube channel  soon, so stay tuned ! I’d love to share with you all my makeup ideas 💡 and just fun random things 🤘🏼

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes or colors at the moment ?! Leave any comments below 😘 


Ayexbee 💕